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Teflon Monarchy

So I have this project with music on the way; if we can make cheap Indie-like/self-produced EP’s would anyone be interested in buying any? Just really curious. Just an FYI, I’m guitarist (we all contributing to songwriting on all instruments) and lyricist and vocals. Just send a message.

The Wake-Up

Open up your eyes. So you can see your surroundings. The world appears so clear, but could you buy that it’s ending? History be it written, the destructive masses on the global paternity; our Mother is slowly dying. Why, do we continue to live this way? Could it be so hard to change? Everything, we’ve enacted in our DNA. Music our deliver; click OK Computer. Everything we know is wrong. Music our savior; will your remember. Everything we do is wrong. Open your eyes. So you can see your surrounding. Everything is going wrong.

Consume me till I decay; it doesnt matter anyway the outcome of this process so contagious, living with you is like with Hades. But I cant help but stay around baby. What will they say with the knife in my back? Whats your reason to push me away; why are you so fucking mad? I’m just so tired of sitting here downplaying my existence. This whole persistent situation. I’m cold and broke; I cant even find the pieces; to my hump-dy dump-dy happiness. Please baby forget this; come in for a hug and another kiss. Shot! Hurt! Stormed off the face of the Earth if I was a doctor, Manhattan I’d be. Foresaw the future but wallow in this tragedy. Creation; crumbled can I find…a better way to take away this pleasure. Find a better way to take this pain. Cant make up my mind; it’s feeling; havent felt anything in so long!

I’m dying in this room, there’s no oxygen; or I presume. It all seems like a memory lost in a daze, my brain is clouded with this haze and I question. Everything. Is everything in this life really for me? Is there anything more to this story? Or is this just the ending? I question; I deceive my own existence, my will, my reason to be. And just one phrase that keeps repeating; “is this really happening?” Queens said give them a damn, so he gave them a damn. Queen said let him free so he let him free. This story seems so familiar, but it’s peculiar; what desires has the king? It doesnt matter, no; because King is happy with making out Queens commandments with no doubt. Future? Future?! Is this really happening?! Where is our future?! Our future?! Sat alone in my room played with Death I listened to some tunes; have a phrase looping in my head. I keep on saying what it said. But now I’m lost in translation, sick of life and sick of waiting. Sick of myself, sick of some, and sick of listening to the dumb. Is this really happening; where is our future? Where is our future? Where is my future? Do I even have a future?

I dont know (so many things)

Kill me she screams. Sanity in seams. A wrecking ball curve ends with the shattering of dreams. We all want a blissful reality but often times its harder than can be. We all kill each other softly, but different weapons can lead to a change of scenery. Drifting slowly drifting farther we’re all just killing each other. I cant continue this contagious existence with a cancerous technology spread thats dirty like swine. Just remember your nanobyte history so you can be someone else that your physics deny.

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