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Can I just say I hate our whole species and that I hate the way we’ve been since we began. Some say desensitization of our newer generations is whats happening, but it’s been fucked up since the beginning. It just keeps getting worse. At least at a point we had love, now we have drugs, money, and appearance…




it ok to not be ready

Please spread this shit like wildfire. People go on and sit through the whole experience and they’re uncomfortable because they just want to please their partner and they don’t tell them that they want to stop because they are not ready. It’s okay not to be ready. 

notice here that consent is revoked without ever saying no and consent goes so far beyond yes/no!!!!!!

Sorry I’m just upset because my girlfriend is moving, I stayed up this late (3pm now) to pick her up at work so then we can fall asleep together; and it wasn’t until I was already halfway there that she told me she’s taking more hours so she has more money to spend in the place she’s moving to. So I feel very very lonely and lame, and ashamed to live around this. I kind of want to yell and cry, but idk it’s whatever. It’s all bullshit really. I mean like, would you give up more money to spend time with someone you “love” when you’re about to move? Am I a puss for being a bit hurt by it? Like, I’m not saying, “How am I not that important.” It’s like, “is that how you really view our relationship? Equal to materialistic smut that someone else can easily purchase?” Maybe it’s me, but I take interactions and relationships (in general, not just romantic) in a very intimate and special way; it’s a connection that isn’t a cookie-cut shape of another…idk.

There is no such thing as love

There is no such thing as love, as long as there is the existence of money. Love, may still exist but for how much longer? People now pay for sex, pay to get close, pay to talk, pay to do everything that comes from love. People fall in love for money, people work for more hours, to get a better paycheck, that’s spent on themselves. People work shitty jobs for good pay, when they work positions they’d die for with no pay, they turn away because money is what they require to stay. Without money there is love and while money has an existence…there will be, no, more; love.

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